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Q & A with Bassist Jon Gallant of Billy Talent!

We did a quick Q & A with Billy Talent who just finished playing Warped 2013, but are coming back to the Detroit area for 89X’s Chill on the Hill concert!


Noize-Tell us about your 2013 Warped Tour experience.

JG-Warped was awesome.  It was nice to be back and be the veterans of the tour.

Noize-How was your time in Detroit? Any good stories?

JG-Our bus driver was arrested and there was a monster storm. It was great!  Felt bad for our driver. Mistaken identity.

Noize-Funniest or most interesting Warped tour story?

JG-I won $1,300 playing poker.

 Noize-I see that this month the band will be in Europe and Africa for a month except for when you fly back to the burbs of Detroit for the Chill on the Hill show on October 5th. How do you prepare for an overseas tour?

JG- Malaria shots and jogging.

Noize-Is there a country that you are particularly looking forward to playing for and visiting on your upcoming tour?

JG-We’ve been touring for over 10 years. I love so many places but really enjoy the shows the most, no matter where we are.

Noize-Tell us more about Dead Silence for those of us not familiar with your new album. Any common themes?

JG-Dead Silence is out best and newest album. Produced by our guitar player, Ian D’Sa.

Noize-What is the most exciting track off of Dead Silence to perform live?

JG-“Running Across the Tracks.”

Noize-What is your fave video you have ever made and why?

JG-“River Below.” Just a cool video.

Noize-Other plans for 2013?

JG-Touring until November.

 Noize-What is your musical bucket list of goals you would like to achieve?

JG-Play a gig with Rage Against The Machine, and smoke a joint with Willy Nelson.


Check out our Billy Talent photos from Warped Tour 2013 and last December!


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