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Snyder implements bad approach to education reform

By: Dave Palmer Friday the 13th has always been associated with strange, and sometimes eerie things happening. Heck, there was an entire series of movies dedicated to that idea. As it turns out, this Friday the 13th is no different, according to an article on Governor Snyder’s most recent attempt at school reform in the Detroit […]

The realities of life as a teacher: An introduction to a four-part series.

By: Dave Palmer For many people who have not been in a classroom or received formal training in education, it is difficult to imagine a day in the life of a teacher. Many have most likely painted a mental picture of what it might be like based on their experiences in school. However, the reality is […]

A Rant About Education

By Dave Palmer One of this year’s main talking points for politicians facing re-election or vying for an incumbent’s seat is the state of our nation’s education system. We are past the argument about whether or not schools are broken; most people know they are. The arguments now surround what is the best method to […]

Schools as social service hubs: Worst idea ever (Society’s Slideshow)

By Dave Palmer According to an article in the January 24 edition of the Detroit Free Press, schools may soon be required to function as hubs for other social services through the Department of Human Services’ Pathway to Potential program. Duane Berger, chief deputy director of the Michigan Department of Human Services stated in the […]

Politicians must change rhetoric to action on subject of education (Society’s Slideshow)

By Dave Palmer Many politicians express concern about the state of our nation’s educational system. They say that they want to ensure a great future for today’s generation of students who will become tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, and business executives. Many remedies are proposed, including high-stakes testing, teacher evaluations, and increasing school resources that candidates and incumbents […]

Student loan forgiveness is smart politics (Society’s Slideshow)

Today’s junior high and high school students are consistently being persuaded that college is the best pathway to a bright future. Plastered over virtually every school’s walls is a comparison chart that shows average expected incomes for high school dropouts all the way up to someone who has earned a doctorate. The trend generally moves […]

Shame on Snyder for not paying teachers (Society’s Slideshow)

If you asked most teachers why they went into education, chances are the words “because the money is good” will not come out of their mouth. In fact, most people involved in the day-to-day operations of a school will probably not list money as their number one motivation. However, Governor Rick Snyder seems to believe […]

State of the Union: Education Should be Priority #1 (Society’s Slideshow)

Barack Obama gave a rousing State of the Union address January 24 calling for a number of bold reforms in this country. Chief among these reforms was the ending of insider trading in Congress, the creation of a Financial Crimes Unit to take on Wall Street’s crimes against the American taxpayer, and improving education. Little can […]

Snyder’s State of the State: Mute on improving education. (Society’s Slideshow)

Gov. Rick Snyder gave his state of the state address Wednesday, January 18, detailing his accomplishments for the past year. So far, his claims are impressive. Michigan’s unemployment rate is down to 9.3% from 11.1%. However, he doesn’t mention that some of that improvement could have stemmed from people leaving the state, being dropped from […]

Bail out the homeless, not the banks. (Society’s Slideshow)

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their […]

The 160-character Generation (Society’s Slideshow)

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y. These are the names for generations that make up a majority of our population. Our current generation, featuring people born from 2001 to present is named Generation Z, or the New Silent Generation. I believe that the Population Reference Bureau ought to group the teenagers from Generation Y and […]

The Same Old Education Song (Society’s Slideshow)

Legislators across the nation and here in Michigan all love to sing the same ‘ol education song. I’m sure you’ve heard the lyrics before. It goes a little like this: Let’s raise the standards for students while we take away the means for educators to meet them. Let’s require that all students take the ACT […]

Improving Michigan Schools? New Michigan Legislation is Introduced…(Society’s Slideshow)

 A seven-bill education package was introduced to the Michigan legislature as a way for parents to leverage more power in the school district. Parents should have a say in the education of their children. They are the ones who pay the taxes that make public schools possible. What ever happened to the PTA? However, rather […]

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