WTF? The Rules of Cheating when Playing Words with Friends

By Alexis Simpson

I cheat when I play Words with Friends. So what? You probably do too! It’s human nature. Cheating actually helps you to improve your game because you are shown words you would not have thought of yourself. Cheating CAN ruin the game if you take it too far. These are the ground rules:

RULE #1: DO NOT use the cheating method where you place both players’ moves down on a computerized board so that the computer can calculate the best move for you at each turn. If you do this, nobody has a chance against you and the game becomes boring.

RULE #2: DO use the ANAGRAM cheating guides that take your tiles and show you the best words possible.

RULE #3: Only cheat up to 5 times per game. This keeps it challenging. The best times to cheat are when the game is close. If you are playing someone horrible, don’t cheat at all because you probably just want the game to be over with.

RULE #4: When cheating, do not use the suggested words that make it beyond obvious that you are cheating. (Examples=Reeditions, boondoggle, or Sycophant) While you may know what these words mean, you probably wouldn’t think to play such words. It’s very important to give the illusion that nobody is cheating in order to keep up the intensity of the game.

RULE #5: Do not quit the game because someone is cheating better than you are. You just look like a poor sport. Don’t bitch.

(If you feel like a good whoopin’, play me. I’m pinklex.)