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gun control – Noize is photography, music and culture inspired by Michigan.

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Schools’ bond proposals ignore simple solution to school security

By: Dave Palmer Voters in the metro Detroit area will face several important decisions come Election Day November, not the least of which is the Detroit mayoral election. However, other communities are focusing on appropriating money for local school districts. According to the November 3 edition of the Detroit Free Press, Troy, Dearborn, Farmington, Romeo, Richmond, […]

Florida’s new squirt-gun control policy

By: Dave Palmer Finally, Florida is going to do something about gun control in their state. Squirt-gun control, that is. According to a police report quoted in the Palm Beach Post, Giovanna Borge was arrested “for Simple Battery/Domestic Violence under F.S. 784.03 for squirting water on (boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes.” The officer stated earlier […]

U.S. Senators show public opinion means nothing to them

By Dave Palmer Another day, another filibuster. Increasingly, this seems to be the mantra that is chanted silently in the heads of Senate Republicans. Once again, a filibuster-proof vote was required in a bipartisan agreement regarding the latest gun control bill to hit the Senate floor. Once again, votes fell largely on partisan lines, with […]

Two and a half months and $110: A case for tougher gun background checks

By Dave Palmer Two and a half months and $112. This is the length of time and the amount of money it cost me to renew my teacher certification with the State of Michigan. This waiting period was preceded by filling out an online form, Wayne State University telling me I needed to submit a […]

Regulating things that hurt society: Exploring the Second Amendment (Society’s Slideshow)

By Dave Palmer “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” These 26 words are the center of much discussion and controversy lately in our country. So much so, that President Obama sees the need to […]

Colorado tragedy illustrates need for increased regulation (Society’s Slideshow)

By Dave Palmer By now, many people have heard about the actions of James E. Holmes in Aurora, Colorado. The airwaves and the internet are rife with stories that retell the horrifying story and bemoan the what a terrible tragedy this latest shooting is. However, the subject that most needs to be aired is swept […]

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