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First Annual Scrooge of the Year Award

By: Dave Palmer Each holiday season seems to have its own particular set of Scrooges who seem determined to spoil the holidays for everyone, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable among us. This year is no different, with the exception that I have decided to call attention to what I believe to be the […]

Gov. Snyder signs Epi-Pen bill, absolves parents of more responsibility

By: Dave Palmer When it comes to education, the Michigan Legislature seems determined to make schools responsible for every aspect of a child’s life, including things that would and should normally be part of parents’ responsibilities. Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law a piece of legislation that is no doubt extremely important for ensuring the […]

Michigan legislature approves rape insurance bill

By: Dave Palmer Right to Life of Michigan and the Michigan Legislature apparently believe that the will of 4% of registered voters trumps any public opinion that might be voiced at the polls. The evidence for this charge exists in the Detroit Free Press in their stunning report that Lansing lawmakers decided to approve the “Abortion […]

Detroit: Bankrupt, DIA and workers: screwed

By Dave Palmer Today marks a new low in America’s history. Today is that day that Judge Steven W. Rhodes decided that Detroit is officially eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, according to the New York Times. ( The Times also states that Rhodes decided that the pensions of thousands of retired, soon-to-be-retired, and current workers […]

Oklahoma refuses all National Guard couples benefits to deny benefits to gay couples.

By Dave Palmer Oklahoma has apparently gone ape-crap over the Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, a decision that allows same-sex married couples to collect federal benefits.  In fact, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is so bat-dump crazy over the situation that she announced that all state-owned National Guard facilities are no longer going to allow any married […]

Black Friday becomes Black Thanksgiving

By Dave Palmer By now, most people have heard from one or more media sources about the upcoming “door-buster deals” many retailers plan to offer on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It seems every year, the advertising starts closer and closer to Halloween to the point where the two holidays seem to overlap at some […]

Schools’ bond proposals ignore simple solution to school security

By: Dave Palmer Voters in the metro Detroit area will face several important decisions come Election Day November, not the least of which is the Detroit mayoral election. However, other communities are focusing on appropriating money for local school districts. According to the November 3 edition of the Detroit Free Press, Troy, Dearborn, Farmington, Romeo, Richmond, […]

Florida’s new squirt-gun control policy

By: Dave Palmer Finally, Florida is going to do something about gun control in their state. Squirt-gun control, that is. According to a police report quoted in the Palm Beach Post, Giovanna Borge was arrested “for Simple Battery/Domestic Violence under F.S. 784.03 for squirting water on (boyfriend) to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes.” The officer stated earlier […]

Government reopened, for now

By: Dave Palmer The federal government has reopened and the debt ceiling raised in yet another 11th hour deal in Congress. Late in the evening October 16th, President Barack Obama signed the Congressional bill, narrowly averting a first-ever default on the nation’s debt and putting the government back to work after 16 days of shutdown. […]

Government Shut Down Over Affordable Health Care

By David Palmer October 1st this year marks two historic events: The implementation of the health care exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act which will allow consumers to shop nationwide for affordable health insurance, and the first government shutdown in 17 years over people having access that affordable health insurance. House Republicans have been […]

Bill Schutte: Purpose of Marriage is to regulate sexual relationships for procreation

By: David Palmer In the history of ridiculous things said by politicians, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s statement filed in the case of April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, and published in the Huffington Post take the cake made of asinine by far. “Responsible procreation and childrearing are well-recognized as legitimate State interests served by marriage. […]

An Open Letter to Representative Kerry Bentivolio

By Dave Palmer Dear Representative Bentivolio, I was shocked and dismayed to hear that you support shutting down the government over the defunding of the Affordable Care Act. I must say that I cannot fully understand the reasons why you would support eliminating a law that is already helping millions of Americans find affordable health […]

Detroit to Retirees: We’re cutting your healthcare, here’s $125

By Dave Palmer The saga of Detroit’s bankruptcy and the apparent desire of bankruptcy attorney come Detroit emergency financial manager Kevin Orr to deprive retirees of security in their golden years continues, according to the September 12th edition of the Detroit Free Press. The latest nonsensical plan is to replace health care benefits for retirees […]

Michigan’s Online Education: Financing Private Interests With Your Tax Dollars

By Dave Palmer The August 30th edition of the Detroit Free Press featured an article lauding the many changes happening within Michigan’s Public Schools’ online education programs. Many school districts are expanding their online offerings, five new “cyber schools” have appeared, and for the first time in history, students grades 5-12 will be allowed to take […]

History Repeats Itself in North Carolina

By Dave Palmer History is known to repeat itself. Though sometimes the circumstances are different, our most familiar fights have a way of resurfacing. According to, Rosanell Eaton is facing a historical battle that she probably thought that she would never have to fight again. At the age of 21, Ms. Eaton experienced literacy tests in […]

Affordable Government vs. Affordable Health Care

By Dave Palmer Congress is approaching its summer recess, and according to MSNBC, a grand bargain over ending sequestration and creating a budget for the next fiscal year appears unlikely. Democrats are unlikely to agree to cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and other so-called entitlement programs given the Republican’s unwillingness to raise taxes. Meanwhile Republicans are torn […]

The next step for the Zimmerman case

By Dave Palmer For better or for worse, the verdict has come in for the George Zimmerman case. Regardless of evidence in the 911 call that Zimmerman showed malice by saying, “These f-ing punks, they always f-ing get away with this,” and through his actions in ignoring the 911 operator’s request that he stay in […]

SCOTUS: Equal rights for marriage, but not for voting

By Dave Palmer During this past week, the Supreme Court issued a flurry of decisions, culminating in two of the most highly anticipated decisions of the Court’s last session: The case surrounding the Defense of Marriage Act tried in conjunction with the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, and the necessity of Section 4 and 5 […]

Knock Knock, it’s justice calling

By Dave Palmer The George Zimmerman trial began today with some interesting opening arguments. The prosecution chose to quote Zimmerman’s expletive-laden conversation with police dispatchers the 2011 summer night that he took Trayvon Martin’s life, according to the Daily Beast. The defense decided to take the route of attempted levity in the form of a […]

Orr’s plan to fix Detroit: Sell the jewels and squeeze the pensioners

By Dave Palmer Much talk is swirling through the news and the rumor mills as to what is going to happen to Detroit, its prized treasures, its workers, and its pensions as it is staring down the barrel of a potential Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Kevin Orr, Detroit’s emergency financial manager, seeks to stave off that […]

What year is this again?

By Dave Palmer Lately, just about every major news network has been either running stories or at least mentioning potential presidential candidates for 2016. Normally, these kinds of stories would be saved for after the midterm elections when candidates actually declare their intention to run for president. However, in this new technology age, it seems […]

Teacher Punished for informing students of Fifth Amendment rights

Illinois teacher John Dryden got a formal reprimand and docked a day’s pay for informing students of their constitutional right to not incriminate themselves when filling out a district mandated survey. According to the article, the school district directed students to complete a survey about at-risk behavior – including past drug, tobacco and alcohol usage. “The issue before […]

Apple takes a bite out of U.S. tax base

By Dave Palmer The New York Times , Apple has been dodging corporate taxes not only in the United States, but also in many other foreign countries using complicated corporate hijinks and clever accounting. “Apple wasn’t satisfied with shifting its profits to a low-tax offshore tax haven,” said Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat. “Apple sought the […]

“War on Whistleblowers” exposes the government assault on free speech

By Dave Palmer BraveNew Foundation, creators of such documentaries as Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and Iraq for Sale has released “War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State.” The film is focused on exposing how our government deals with employees and contractors who discover and report potentially catastrophic information regarding government […]

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