Simple Reasons to Love Spotify and Pay For It!

I have barely touched iTunes since I first downloaded Spotify. Everyone listens to music in their own way. For instance, I’m a new music junkie. Because of Noize, I am always scoping out new and interesting music. I study music and try like heck to keep up with what’s out there. I HATE HATE HATE when people claim that all good music is in the past because they are too lazy to keep up with what’s out there. Spotify could help those people check out new artists in an easier way. Spotify works for me because it’s so damn fast. I can add an artist’s whole discography to my Spotfty  in seconds. To do this all I have to do is search for an artist’s name, highlight the songs I want, and save it to a playlist. With iTunes, I would have to wait for the download to happen and then sync my music to whatever device or devices I want my music on. Syncing is a hassle. When I asked one of my friends why he didn’t use Spotify, he replied that he didn’t like that you don’t OWN the music. I saw “owning” the music as a technicality because as long as the music is available to you whenever you need it, who cares about owning? That’s how I see it! I also like that with Spotify everything is legal:)

I pay the $10/mo fee to allow me to listen to Spotify on my phone and iPad. I mainly listen to music in the car so it’s great to be able to connect my phone to my car stereo and have all my new music readily available. Spotify is going to force me to get an iPhone because I do not own any home docking devices for my Android phone. I would like to be able to use Spotify in certain areas of my house where there is no computer. An iPhone would allow me to do this. Please T-Mobile, get an iPhone already so I don’t have to break my contract. I have not used the offline playlist feature of Spotify yet because I haven’t needed it. Spotify is free to try. Let me know if you need an invite. If you like it, pay for it. It has changed EVERYTHING for me.

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